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What is waxed canvas exactly?

Waxed canvas is cotton canvas impregnated by one or more blends of waxes. There are different manufacturers both in the US and abroad that wax canvas different ways. We source our waxed canvas right here in the US. The canvas we use is waxed from filtered beeswax! This is usually done by melting down the wax, coating the fabric in the wax, and letting it further melt into the fibers of the canvas. Once dry, the fabric is stiffer and when bent, creates beautiful creases that wear over time. The material then has a degree of water resistance and durability that otherwise would not necessarily exist if the canvas was used alone.

Why was it invented?

There's a lot of information that can be found online about waxed canvas and we'd like to simplify it for you! Waxed canvas material has been around for well over one hundred years. Primarily developed in the sailing industry to waterproof sails, waxed canvas then evolved to waterproof other common everyday goods. It has seen a resurgence over the years to be included in items that you and I could use every day. 

Does it smell?

The smell of the canvas depends on the waxing method! In our case, the waxed canvas has a light smell of honey! It truly smells amazing and makes our studio smell wonderful during long days of sewing.

Why do you use it?

We fell in love with the material many years ago. There is something so durable about the actual material that we love playing around with it and creating beautiful yet useful items. Waxed canvas is often used for "practical" purposes and therefore usually comes in browns and dark blues. We love the idea that canvas we use if bright and cheerful! Our items are bright and colorful yet also practical and durable.

What are the care instructions?

Waxed canvas is a very forgiving and easy material to care for. The waxed canvas we use is waxed using filtered beeswax. Over time, you may notice the water resistance of the material to decline. That is perfectly natural and expected. There are many ways to "re-wax" your item, but the easiest option we suggest is purchasing a bar of wax from Otter Wax!

I have more questions!

Do you have a question that hasn't been answered? Email us at and we'd be happy to answer it for you!